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Scientific explaination for today's events?

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    If anyone here cold scientifically explain the extremely unusual number of occurances of natural disasters, and virus outbreaks more than any other point in history, and not link it to the foreshadowing of some malevolent paranormal force or the book of revelations/apocalypse. I understand the colossal gap between science and religion, so please bear with me. The only real explaination for the natural disasters, wars, pandemic outbreaks, political unrest, global chaos is to link it to either an evil omnipresent paranormal force, or it being caused by some shadowy ultra-secret world government organization in some incomprehendably sinister plot.

    The book of revelations clearly predict today's events and claim that it is the foreshadowing of the destruction of everything and everyone on Earth. Paranormal phenomena has been scientifically documented and is completely anomalous even to today's best science. Could some kind of universal interdimensinoal intelligence/force be causing today's strange events? Can the strange weather and geological phenomena and also the West Nile Virus/SARS/Avian Flu be scientifically explained?

    Please don't ban my account for the weirdness and extremity of this post, but I would like some answers.
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    D H

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    The only real explanation for the natural disasters, wars, pandemic outbreaks, political unrest, global chaos is that they are ever present. Natural disasters have always happened. Humanity survived through ice ages and heat waves that make the current climate change look like a perfect spring day. Drought may well have brought about the downfall of the Mayans (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/03/0313_030313_mayadrought.html). The little ice age may well have triggered the plague (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4755328.stm). Speaking of which, there simply is no present-day pandemic that comes close to the plague.

    Political unrest? We have very little political unrest. Read up on the noble savage, who was mostly just savage (murder was the leading cause of death among men, and rape among women). Read up on Khengis Khan. Read up on the 100 Years War. We are living in the least violent times in history (http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/pinker07/pinker07_index.html).

    The biggest problem facing humanity today is that we have to much free time on our hands.
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    "Small earthquake in Peru - not many dead" doesn't get you ratings.
    There is no increase in disasters, just an increase in sensational reporting.
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    First you'll have to scientifically show that there is an unusual number of occurences. What makes you think there's more than 10, 50 or 100 years ago? Where do you get your records for natural disasters and virus outbreaks for every other point in history?
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    Weirdness and extremity are not grounds for banning. Posting misinformation, pseudoscience, and speculation as if it were fact is.
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    either / or

    are those the only choices you can think of?
    If it were one or both, the 'natural' disasters wouldn't be natural then.
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    Vanadium 50

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    This "shadowy ultra-secret world government's incomprehendably sinister plot" sure has been going on for a long time:

    • Antonine Plague, 2nd century.
    • Antioch earthquake, 6th century.
    • Plague of Justinian, 6th century.
    • Bubonic plague, 14th century.
    • Shaanxi earthquake, 16th century.
    • Huaynaputina eruption and resulting Russian famine, 17th century.
    • Lisbon earthquake and tsunami, 18th century.

    Either "they" have been very busy - and particularly good at removing evidence of their nefarious deeds - or the conspiracy theory is simply loopiness. I know which side I am taking.
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    Global Warming. It's all caused by the use of fossil fuels, and exclusively the USA's conumption.

    Seriously, I believe that;
    1) ...the increase in natural disasters is laregly a perceived icnrease, caused by the increase in global population (anyplace the Earth even twitches, somebody is there to notice it), communication (no matter who notices it, everyone hears about it) and improvements in measurement-taking techniques (even if nobody is there, some kind of instrument catches it).

    2) ...the increase in devestation due to war results not from an icnrease in the number of wars, but improved weapons tech that makes the wars more catestrophic.

    And BTW; it's the book of Revalation, not "Revalations" (just a small pet-peeve of mine).
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    over population as a result of religions banning or limiting birth control
    plus instant news from all over the world
    equals more stuff reported NOT really more stuff happening

    btw there are no Revalations, in "Revalation"
    just some old guys dreams based on fairy tales
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    Math Is Hard

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    ahem. "Revelation".

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    This is an Earth science forum, not a speculation forum. This topic is locked.
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