What is Socket: Definition and 40 Discussions

A network socket is a software structure within a network node of a computer network that serves as an endpoint for sending and receiving data across the network. The structure and properties of a socket are defined by an application programming interface (API) for the networking architecture. Sockets are created only during the lifetime of a process of an application running in the node.
Because of the standardization of the TCP/IP protocols in the development of the Internet, the term network socket is most commonly used in the context of the Internet Protocol Suite, and is therefore often also referred to as Internet socket. In this context, a socket is externally identified to other hosts by its socket address, which is the triad of transport protocol, IP address, and port number.
The term socket is also used for the software endpoint of node-internal inter-process communication (IPC), which often uses the same API as a network socket.

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  1. E

    Electrical Creating a Custom Cable: 7-Pin Amphenol Connector and Unique Electrode Input

    This cable costs $200 so I want to build one. I know where to get the round silver plug at right which is a 7 pin Amphenol and I know the pin designations inside. I'd like to know if the left white electrode input socket can be found anywhere or it can only be made special at factory. Have you...
  2. K

    Is the cable inside a socket outlet / power strip attached firmly?

    I have a power strip that has fallen from height accidentally for a couple of times, there is no observable crack or damage, however, could this lead to bad contacts or anything bad to the electrical/electronic appliance? I'm thinking if the power cable inside is usually well attached
  3. M

    Rotation angle measurement of pedal with ball and socket joint

    the device that I have is the same as the mirror of this truck.
  4. I

    Good LED bulb will not work in a socket

    Hi all, 25 year electrician here with a strange (to me) issue. I have a science project lamp that has a dimmer, a volt meter and a socket with a bulb in it. The kids can turn on the bulb, rotate the dimmer and watch the voltage go up and down on the meter. Simple enough. Every dimmable bulb...
  5. ShaddollDa9u

    Why am I getting 'nope' instead of 'works' when using sockets in Python?

    Hi everyone, I have just started learning sockets in python and I have made the following code: import socket HOST = '' PORT = 8888 def main(): while 1: s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) s.bind((HOST, PORT))...
  6. N

    Could nothing happen when fork in socket

    Hi right now I do not have school but I was thinking about what my chemistry teacher said last year. he was telling us about electrons and how they move from negative to positive. he said something along the line of: let's you would put a fork in a wall socket and by chance you first hit the...
  7. S

    What explains this potato light socket & battery?

    There is an interesting video @ Facebook about a potato that is made into a light socket & battery: https://www.facebook.com/HECHOenNUEVOLEON/videos/vb.1388218328082289/1950024855234964/?type=2&theater Now, I see how the generation of energy is done in the way that a "lemon battery" is done...
  8. J

    Making a solar powered battery with AC power socket

    It's mid summer and I think I need a project to keep busy. What better than a solar project? Problem is, I've never built a solar circuit before, let alone a battery charger. Ideally, I would like to build the equivalent of a solar powered generator. I know there's no way I'm getting as much...
  9. N

    Checking the voltage in a light bulb socket

    Hello, I was trying to check with a voltage tester if there was voltage in a light bulb socket (Edison type, no bulb present). Explosion happened (a relatively loud sound) and the safety circuit switch turned off. My question is, how can one explain this with the laws of physics and how can...
  10. C

    Shock to an infant when pulling power cord out of a wall socket

    My son occasionally pulls plugs from powerpoints. We tried to get a powerpoint cover but the strong tape here in Japan is weak and it fell off easily. I was just wondering how much electric shock he might get from pulling out the cord when the device (a fan) is operating. Its a two prong...
  11. J

    Adding extra socket share with water heater power supply

    It is safe to add on extra socket by this way? Original connection: postimg.org/image/v6nshoygh/ Add-on connection: postimg.org/image/vkoccsyu5/ The extra socket is for light usage only. Water heater is instant water heater without tank. The switch is double pole single switch.
  12. 1

    How the plug works in both in both directions in socket?

    If I plug my electrical device in the socket in any direction the device works. If i plug the device in opposite direction, it makes no problem. while the current in the socket is coming in hot wire. Is there hot and neutral also in the wire connected to the device or they are both hot ?
  13. S

    360 Degree rotating mains plug socket?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can provide a solution to a problem I have come across at work. I have a 360 rotating platform for photography being installed in a couple of weeks and need to a solution to providing power to the objects I put on it. To give you a bigger picture we photograph...
  14. J

    SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader to USB - Help please

    Hi I want to use the SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader Module (Link attached) as a micro sd card reader DIRECTLY to my PC. Is it possible to connect to this Module a USB Male connector and use it as a normal sd-card reader? The Module...
  15. C

    Torque problem - Direction and Magnitude of force exerted on socket

    Homework Statement A 23-kg sign is suspended from the end of a 7-kg pole that is 4m long. The pole is partially supported by a cable that is attached at a point 3m up along the pole from the socket. The angle between the pole and the vertical wall is 60°, and the angle between the cable and...
  16. B

    Is the Neo Socket Truly a Fuel Saving Device?

    There is this new electrical device called the Neo Socket Automotive Power Factor Corrector supposedly made by the Japanese company Miraizu that can be plugged into an automotive lighter's electrical socket which can increase the power factor of the AC electrical devices of a car. Power factor...
  17. F

    Ivy Bridge processor and socket 2011/X68 chipset

    The Sandy Bridge processors are not significantly faster than the Nehalems, and they only had dual-channel memory. There is a noticeable difference in performance, but it really isn't worth upgrading. Hopefully, the HUGE performance boost will be with the 8-core/22nm "Ivy Bridge" processors. I...
  18. S

    Why current from a socket is dangerous to people?

    It is known that electricians like to use rubber mats and rubber shoes to prevent electric shock.It meens that be dangerous to the people current should complete its path to the ground.But most of things that lay on a floor such as linoleum, wood and wool mats are themself very good...
  19. S

    120 VAC socket and switching question

    Greetings – I have 5 (somewhat related) questions – 1) Regarding the AC “socket” with the male pins that are on the back of most monitors and PCs – which pin is the hot and which is the neutral? 2) I could plug an AC cord up to the socket and if I do this – on a standard male plug...
  20. M

    Ball and socket joint FSI modelling

    Hello all, Just would like to some input from the engineering world on this. I would like to model the lubrication film between a ball and socket joint using FE/CFD co-simulations. In reality the ball and socket arrangement would be located in a bath of fluid and the fluid would provide...
  21. B

    Force required to pull a threaded tube from its socket

    Hello everyone. I have been trying to determine the tensile force needed to rip a threaded tube out of its female threaded socket. After some Google searching, I found this: http://www.engineersedge.com/thread_strength/thread_bolt_stress.htm I used shear area, which I believed to be an...
  22. N

    Statics Homework problem - Reactions of Ball and Socket

    Homework Statement The pipe assembly shown in the picture supports the vertical loads shown. Determine the reactions at the ball and socket joint (point A) and the tension in the two cords BC and BD. Homework Equations Sum of Forces = 0 Sum of Moments = 0The Attempt at a Solution I first...
  23. D

    Efficient Kitchen Socket Solution: No More Swapping Plugs | 230v UK Wiring

    Can anyone help with a little household problem I have? In the kitchen we have a microwave, coffee maker and toaster that unfortunately are only within reach of 1 double socket. This means constant swapping of plugs. I'd like a neat, safe and practical solution to this problem. Toaster...
  24. O

    Can headphone sockets or line in 3.5mm ports provide power for appliances?

    Hi I was wondering if there is power from the headphone socket on appliances? if so how much? also is there power from a line in 3.5mm port? again how much? Thanks for your help
  25. C

    Calculating Max Torque and Shaft Twist for Socket Wrench

    Homework Statement The steel shaft of a socket wrench is 18mm diameter and 450mm long. If the allowable shear stree is 70 MN/m^2. Homework Equations i) What is the maximum permissible torque T that may be extered with the wrench? ii) Through what angle (theta) in radians will the shaft...
  26. J

    What are the most dense everyday items? eg. sinker for fishing, socket set

    Fish sinker socket set what other items are dense heavy sort of small things?
  27. J

    Good 68 pin lcc socket with hole for mounting

    Where can i find a 68 pin lcc socket with a hole for mounting a sample. I need to be able to place the sample on a coldplate in a dewar which so that it is in contact with the plate and still contacts the pins on the socket. The attached file shows a rough ProE model of the coldplate. As you...
  28. I

    Charging a deep cycle battery from cigarette lighter socket

    hi, I'd just like some advice on how best to charge a 70 amp hour deep cycle battery from a cigarette lighter socket. I use the battery to run my 35 litre waeco fridge when I'm camping for a couple of days, but would then like to charge the battery while travelling. I'm guessing a flat 70AHr...
  29. B

    Calculate Power Dissipated by a Lightbulb Socket

    Homework Statement The corroded contacts in a lightbulb socket have 8 Ω total resistance.How much actual power is dissipated by a 126 W (115 V) lightbulb screwed into the socket? Homework Equations P = I*V I = E/R The Attempt at a Solution I = 115/8 = 14.375 I don't know how to...
  30. C

    Ball and socket contact stresses

    I am familiar with Hertzian contact mechanics for spheres in contact with a falt surface or a sphere in contact with another sphere. However, I am unsure on how to model a ball and socket contact? Could anyone help me with this idea please? Thanks
  31. J

    Through hole socket for Surface mount components

    Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any sockets that will fit an LFCSP (CP-56) surface mount package? I want to put an AD9959 chip onto a protoboard and am wondering if there are any solderless sockets for it available. So far the only one I found was for high end processor chips and...
  32. ranger

    Moving a bettery around in its socket

    Guys, does moving a battery around in its socket or switching battery positions add "life" to the battery. I've done this a few times and was able to get extra juice. Why?
  33. C

    Reaction forces in ball and socket joints

    Hi, I was just wondering in what directions the reaction forces go in ball and socket joints? Are there reactions in the x, y, and z plane or just in 2 of those planes.
  34. 0

    Socket Confirmation: Java Security Checks Needed?

    I have a Java application that takes an action when another application starts and connects to it via a socket. The thing is that I only want the original application to take the action when the other application is on the local host. I check the IP address of the socket to confirm this, but...
  35. exequor

    Socket T (LGA775) or Socket 478

    After almost purchasing a motherboard and processor for socket 478 I found a p4 processor for socket T that was cheaper than a p4 processor for socket 478. The thing is I have this proprietary dell motherboard which I now can't get to work with my in-win case. So simply put should I go with the...
  36. Saint

    AMD Athlon 64 4000+ / 1MB Cache / 2000MHz FSB / Socket 939 / Processor

    I think this CPU beats all Intel's CPUs.
  37. wolram

    Switch off my PC at the wall socket and reboot

    Help, I have to switch off my PC at the wall socket and reboot to get onto the internet , everything used to work OK. I have, SUSE 9.1, D link router and use Tiscali. Thanks.
  38. U

    Add a Headphone Socket to TV: DIY Guide

    I have a TV which I want to attach a headphone socket.I am guessing that I need the signal going into the speaker but need to match the speakers impedance (capacitive inductance?) with the headphones maybe I should put somesort of a coil not a resister in series with the phones.Is this a simple...
  39. J

    Help with Rotating Weighted Ball in Socket: Design Rules Needed

    Please can you help with the following. If a ball which is bias weighted at a point on its circumference is enclosed in a socket which is few thousandths of an inch bigger in diameter than the ball will the weighted bias cause the ball to rotate as the socket is turned in the opposite...
  40. G

    Understanding the Difference Between 2 and 3 Prong Outlets/Plugs

    what is the difference between two and three prong outlets/plugs?