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Second Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at FIU?

  1. Jul 16, 2015 #1

    I graduated with a B.S in Economics from Florida State University about 3 years ago, but now I'm looking to switch fields. Can anyone tell me about the EE undergrad program at Florida International University?

    I'm considering FIU because I can live with my parents for a while and save a ton of money
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    Google is your friend. Find the web site for FIU. Find the admissions office. Find out what their requirements for admission and their requirements for the degree. Check their course catalog. Rough out the classes you would take for your degree and see if it appeals to you.

    The overlap between economics and EE is small but not zero. Engineers usually take some economics and business oriented classes. Engineers are usually expected to be in industry in some way. Not necessarily running a business, but participating in one in a serious responsible fashion. So you might get credit for some of your existing degree. Also, you probably have at least some of the math. Probably your statistics is good.:woot: And your calculus is probably good enough for entry to EE, though you will have to .

    Also, Google up where folks who graduated went after the degree you are considering. If those jobs make you smile then it is probably a good place to try for. You should look for magazines with titles like Engineering Today and similar, the happy gossip mags. These will list places people got jobs after graduating.

    If the school is close enough to visit, then visit. Especially if you can "phone ahead" (or email, etc.) and have an appointment to talk to a few people about possibly enrolling. That will tell you something about the school and whether you might like to be there for four years. You can check out things like the library, the labs, and any other facilities you might be interested in.
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