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Seeking Advice for Higher Studies

  1. Feb 6, 2013 #1

    Hope you are doing well. I am seeking advice from you guys. (specially individuals from an engineering fields.)

    I have a four year Non-Engineering Bachelor degree in Mechanical along with 3+ years experience in Piping/Steel Structural Drafting/Designing. These days I am looking for higher studies.

    If I get admission in Master of Engineering, what you guys think. Is this really worth full to me?

    Seeing as one cannot become a Professional Engineer with a master's degree in Engineering, only bachelors degree in engineering qualifies. Secondly! (In my personal opinion) It is very difficult to finding a job as a Engineer, Because most of employers asking for Professional Engineer(PE) Status.

    1 - So, isn't it generally pointless to do an engineering masters after a non-engineering bachelors? What is job prospective after Master of Engineering without PE Status.

    2 - I am also seeking advice, Is there any way to become a professional Engineer. I am willing to spend 2 more years on undergraduate level.

    3 - Also Please advice me what to do? Should I go for undergraduate or Master (Other then Master of Engineering).

    Your detailed replies are highly appreciated.

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