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Seeking book recommendations for studying astrophysics

  1. Dec 19, 2016 #1
    Hi! I'm interested in studying astrophysics. I've previously studied the basic concepts about stars, galaxie and black holes. Can anyone recommend some books that would help me learn more about astrophysics?
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    Thanks! I'm a college student and currently studying a course in calculus so this is going to be fun!
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    George Jones

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    Although I like (and have on my shelf) Carroll and Ostlie, I also recommend "Foundations of Astrophysics" by Barbara Ryden and Bradley M. Peterson, which is almost at the level of Carroll and Ostlie, but which is shorter, and thus maybe a little less comprehensive and a little more readable.
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    Mr. Jones has a good recommendation as well. No matter which book you choose, be sure you follow each step. Do a few problems at the end of each chapter or section to be sure you understood and can apply what you read. It takes patience and time (but not a whole lot of money) but it will be worth it.

    You can always ask questions here or search online when you run into difficulty.
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    Thank you Mr Jones.
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    I'll follow your instructions on this, ma'am. Thanks a lot.
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