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Self Cleaning Rack-and-Pinion Design?

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    I have an application which would work very nicely with a rack-and-pinion. The problem is: the environment is inherently very dirty, and covering it isn't an option. Using the usual arrangement would cause it to quickly seize.

    Does anyone know of a self cleaning rack-and-pinion design?
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    What do you mean self cleaning rack & pinion ?
    I can suggest you the material which is self lubricating, tough and can be used for this application. No lubrication No dust.
    It is "Metalon". You can get the details on internet.

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    Well, if it can't be enclosed / sealed, how about rigging something up so that you have constant lubricant / water / oil spraying onto the rack-and-pinion?

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    Ranger Mike

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    lot of rack and pinion steering boxes running on Baja off road series vehicles..got heavy duty " rubber" bellows to cut down on sand and dirt, rocks etc..you run into at 65 MPH racing thru the desert for 1000 miles...also check out mud bog racers who drive theri mosnter trucks thru mud pits and bogs for fun...insane but fun...
    hot rodders are the last real innovators we got ...
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    This might sound incredibly simplistic, and might not be applicable, but have you thought about just mounting a toothbrush or similar device on a crank handle to scrape crap off of the rack on the back-stroke?
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