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Semi-circular beam and castigliano's theorum

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    hey guys,
    firstly i know this topic is on this website somewhere already but the answers were very good and not complete..

    i need a had with this question:
    first heres the situation....
    semicircular beam fixed at one end with a load on the other...

    how can i find out the equations of horazontal and vertical deflection at any point on the beam using castigliano's theorum with moment deflections in vertical and horazontal and axial deflections?

    im finding it difficult and would really appreciate the help.. or even the answer :D with detailed solutions that follow working through..

    i dont expect this.. but just really hoping for someone really brainy to come along and help me out before my deadline in 4 days..

    thanks, Ash
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    the attachment is the lab sheet with picture of the beam and its orientation.
    if i can get workings for the theoretical deflections of anywhere on the beam, specifically the point where the load is acting, in both horazontal and vertical.
    hope this makes things more clear..

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