Sending shete music to u tube users

  1. I wanna send the sheets that are on finale over the internet to you tube users so they can post videos of them playing it.

    I have encountered a problem. How do I upload or save the finale document in a way so that they don't have need to have the finale program to view the document by clicking the link?

    I just want to send the document so they can view it like its a picture. Does anyone know hwo to do this or an easier method?
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    Assuming the program enables you to print the sheets (which it should, right) then you can print these directly to PDF. If you don't have Acrobat, you can install PDF995 which can be used free (with ads) and also enables you to print directly to PDF.

    Another option would be to just take screenshots (CTRL+PrtScn) of each sheet and crop and zip them together.
  4. thanx for the great advice it worked perfectly!
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