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Homework Help: Series and Parallel Connections

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I'm a little confused, in a series and parallel circuit, does it make sense if i say that the current through 2 separate resistors is the same but the potential difference is different and also is the amount of potential energy lost?? It's this that's getting me confused with the concept..

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    The current through two series components is the same. The voltage across two parallel components is the same.
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    But for the series, does that mean that the voltage is the same for both resistances?
    And for the parallel one, if the voltage is the same, does that make the current equal as well?
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    No and no. If you combine the two rules mentioned by Berkeman with ohms law you can work out what the voltages are for series resistances with a known total voltage across them, or you can work out the currents for parallel resistances with a known total current going through them.
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