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Servo motor: what is the continuous servo motor?

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    Hello Forum,

    there are two typeos of servo motors. One of them is called continuous. does it mean that it can rotate to any angular position, between 0 degrees and 360?

    The other type (the non continuous one) still rotates at any angular position, but only within a limited range, like 0 to 180 degrees...

    Is that correct?

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    Sounds correct.
    I have been flying RC helis for a few years and have messed around with servos and have never come across either of these terms. How strange.
    We use endpoints to stop our servos reaching undesired angles, this is done on a transmitter (TX). I guess you could say this is enough for it to qualify as a non-continuous servo.
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    cool, thanks.

    I need to have the servo move based on the different amount of light falling on two detectors...
    would you use a comparator or a difference amplifier to operate the servo?

    for the difference amplifier the voltage output is proportional to the voltage difference between the two inputs.

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