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Brushless gimbal motors vs servo?

  1. Nov 25, 2014 #1
    anybody know anything about stabilization systems? I posted the question "Servo vs. Stepper motor for stabilization" before, and I eventually learned that stepper motor draw power while holding position, which servos do not, so I was fixated on servos for a while.

    Then I started realizing how rare and expensive 360° servos were, 180 degree rotation is very limiting, then there's the gear backlash, and not so outstanding precision, you can literally see the steps the motor takes in it's quantized movement.

    So recently I learned about gimbal motors. Does anybody know if they are used to stabilize say helicopters or anything similar?

    I'm thinking because of their high precicion and fast response time they'd be perfect for making a really smooth and natural stabilization, but as far as I know they are only used for camera gimbals.

    what are the any sort of motors or systems that are used specifically for robotic/aircraft stabilization? this seems to be really intangible wisdom to find out about. Infuriating even.
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    You might be farther ahead by checking with photography equipment experts, since they're the ones who use those particular systems.
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