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Homework Help: Set up of an infinite geo series

  1. Oct 14, 2012 #1
    So I solved for series that I know is geometric, and I've been able to find the solution, but only because what was written in my notes. Personally it isn't sitting well with me because I don't see the relation to a simple geo series:

    Ʃ (wq)k = wq/(1- wq).

    Now if this is my series, wouldn't the first term be considered "1" and my ratio is "wq", if that's the case, then how is "wq" allowed to be in the numerator?
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    Im replying from my phone so maybe there's a symbol im not seeing...but if the series starts at k=1 the initial term would be wq, hence the value in the numerator.
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    It does start at k = 1,......that makes sense. Conditions, conditions, conditions. Thanks for the help.
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