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Shear stress on bolts (in different planes)

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    I am trying to understand the behavior of bolt in different

    My doubt is when shear force acts on bolts in 2 different
    plane simultaneously, does it share the shear force (F/2) or
    each bolts experience the total force (F).

    I am sure that if there is a bolt pattern on the same plane,
    each bolt will contribute (develop individual reaction shear force).

    Please find the attachment.

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    What you have drawn looks like a rod through a block. In this case, assuming perfect symmetry, the shear on each side should be F/2 assuming that each end is supported in the same manner.

    It really is not a bolt problem because bolts don't support shear on the bolt shank, but rather the shear is carried on friction in the joint. It is common to calculate bolts to see if the shank section will support the shear load, but the bolt shank should not even touch the edges of the hole.
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    Thank you Dr.D. I got it.
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