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Engineering Shifting from Electronics and Communication Engineering to Theoretical Physics

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    Hi i'm doing my pre-final year Electronics and communication engineering in India. But i want my career to be in theoretical physics. My ultimate aim is to find the secret behind the birth and working of our universe. Previously due to my family's compulsion i took engineering. Now i want to go along the rest of my life with my school days' dream. Please help me , what to do next?
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    Do you think this is a realistic aim...?

    Have you spoken with your university careers service about changing to physics? I'm sure you know that one possible route is to complete another degree.
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    Paul Dirac started with an Engineering degree before moving to Maths and Physics.
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    ...completing a second degree in mathematics. In either case, whilst anecdotally interesting, I'm not sure how this could be helpful to the OP.

    To the OP: I guess you could also look for post-graduate positions in physics departments that are seeking engineering graduates. These positions do exist, but it will be difficult to convince anyone to take you on without a serious background in physics.
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    well after you 'disrespected' the Original Poster - I thought I would offer some inspiration.
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