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Shooter hitting targets of variable heights

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    I have a shooter that shoots a ball at a fixed angle of 65 degrees from horizontal. The shooter is aimed at 3 targets of different but fixed heights. The top target is at 1.536 meters above the shooter, the middle target is at 0.571 meters, and the bottom target is -0.318 below the shooters height. The distance in the X direction from my shooter to the targets is the same for each target, and is known through a sensor on my shooter. (An approximate location would be maybe 14 feet away from the targets, if you need to know the general area, but this IS a known variable.) I do not know time or final velocity when it hits the targets, nor is it important. I'm looking for the initial velocity to shoot my ball in order to hit one of the targets.

    Basically, I'm looking for a formula where I could plug in our distance and the target I'm aiming for and calculate my initial velocity.

    I've come up with something along the lines of Vi=sqrt(4.9d^2/((cos(65)^2)(tan(65)d-h)) where d=distance and h=height of the target, but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Any help?
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    looks roughly right …

    show us your full calculations, and then we can see where you've made a mistake! :smile:
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