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Short cycle on off timer plug-in

  1. Aug 27, 2011 #1
    I would like to use a timer to turn on and off a 220 Volt appliance. With a "mechanical" plug-in timer you have 20 minute granularity. But I would like to have a 1 minute resolution.
    For example - 1 minute off and 1 minute on.

    I bought a cheap 10 euro digital timer. I was mislead by the package which said something like : Minimum switching interval: 1 minute.
    But in fact it meant you can set the timer to turn on at 2 o'clock and 23 minutes and then turn off a minute later.

    After hours of searching I found something here
    It seems it's quite nice - you can actually set the device to turn on for example 1 minute and off 3 minute and so on in a loop.

    But it works only with 120 V and for such a simple device costs 80 $ while the digital sophisticated one was only 10 E.

    Does anyone know if such a timer (220V) exists?
    Thank you.
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