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Should I install my OS on a low-capacity SSD?

  1. Mar 19, 2013 #1
    I'm putting together a new high-performance gaming rig and wanted to ask someone here if they could recommend a fast SATA III low-capacity solid state drive to install Windows 8 on.

    Boot times should be dramatically faster compared to an HDD.
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    You could probably do with a 120GB SSD. Big enough for windows and a couple games to be installed and run from the drive. I would get a 2nd normal drive used for data storage. But yes, an SSD would noticbly improve your system's performance

    i'd go for one of these 3
    OCZ Vertex 3

    Crucial M4

    OCZ Agility 3 (We have a few of these at work)
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    I wouldn't recommend OCZ drives. They have the highest failure rates of all manufacturers.

    The Crucial M4 is a good one, either that or a Samsung 840 (if you are able to obtain a Samsung 830 for the same money, go for this instead).

    64 GB is to small, you should either go for 128 or 256 GB.
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    Agree entirely with clancy688. The system SSD will transform your PC experience.
    Also agree that 128 GB is adequate if you are very disciplined about keeping your data and media files on a separate drive. If you are casual about putting stuff away, a 256 GB drive is a better bet.
    The latest OCZ drives have apparently gotten noticeably better, but for a user happier with products that are made by the supplier, rather than repackaged merchant market chips, Intel, Samsung or Crucial (Micron Technologies) fill the bill.
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