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Should I stick with Computer Eng or switch to CompSci?

  1. Jan 17, 2015 #1
    I've been coding for several years and I've considered switching to computer science. I've made tons of money freelance coding, and I've made some really cool things in the past. Im currently a computer engineering major. Upon looking at every course offered at my Uni, I know all of them with the exception of a few:

    -some higher level data structures & algorithms class (can take this as CpE, i already know the basics)
    -neural networks (not really useful for me)
    -compilers (CpE can take this)
    -more advanced combinatorics/probability

    I've made a little chart outlining the pro's and benefits of switching/not switching. I can't decide but have to before the end of the week

    Switch to CS:
    -easier, less work (4 courses per semester, and i will probably know most of them)
    -know nearly all of the content in the first 4 years, with the exception of the above
    -will be one of the top coders in the class/school
    -i enjoy the topics more, seeing as i code/do math in my spare time whenever possible
    -coding skills will improve
    -will be learning a lot of stuff i already know, tons of A+'s
    -i love theroetical math
    -i wont have to look forward to summers so that i can code/do math all day- i can do it all day forever

    -will have to start all over again (finishing my first year in CpE)
    -wont be in the top engineering school in the country anymore
    -the CS department isn't best in the country (2nd best, but engineering is #1)
    -if i switch ill never be able to get into engineering again in my life; but i can always get into computer science later in life if i want
    -i will know squat about circuits, but staying in CpE ill know the basics of circuits, and will continue living the coder lyfe during summers
    -i will be seen as code monkey for the rest of my life
    -complexity analysis is sort of useless past a certain point, i.e., the point engineers stop at
    -will be learning a ton of stuff i already know
    -will be around "noobs" who cant code that well; i.e. people who dont live the coder lyfe like i do
    -will only code in high level languages
    -wont have the title "Engineer"
    -wont learn anything about circuits
    -no more assembly- i really enjoy low level coding
    -computer science is "lower" as it accepts people with 70's whereas engineering requires high 90's
    -women love engineers; i wont be one :(
    -people will think im stupid and that i wasnt able to do engineering and will constantly bring this up until i die
    -people will think lower of me, that i am indecisive and that i cant finish what i start
    -extra computer science will be easy for me to learn on the side, seeing as all i need to do is read 1-2 books in my spare time and keep up with my coding hobbies
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    Half of your Cons involve things that other people think.
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    Yes. What other people think of you is important too.
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    There quite a few Engineers that I work with who have comp sci degrees...............
    I know people who majored in comp sci that are now doing vcomputer hardware/ vhdl
    i know people who majored in computer engineering that now work as software engineers
    I know electrical engineers that now work as software engineers
    I know people who majored in computer science that are now doing low level programming

    1. if you like something, do it
    2. many comp engineering majors get hired as engineers
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