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Homework Help: Show line through point that is tangent to f(x)does not exist

  1. Mar 18, 2012 #1
    1. show that there is no line through the point (2,7) that is tangent to the parabola y =x^2 +x

    2. y-y1=m(x-x1)

    [itex]m1=2x +1[/itex]
    [itex]m1=2(2) +1 =5[/itex]

    [itex]m2=((x^2 +x)-7)/(x-2)[/itex]

    [itex]((x^2 +x)-7)/(x-2)=5[/itex]


    I'm thinking that i would compare the slope of the line passing through (2,7) to the general slope of the parabola. The other thing i believe i could do is just plug 2 into y=x^2 +x. that would give me 6 which does not equal 7, but that does not involve using any of the material we're covering in class so that is out of the question.
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    One way to do it is to pick a random value for our hypothetical line to be tangent to y at: let's call it x1. (If that wasn't clear, we're assuming that we have a line that is tangent to the parabola at x-coordinate x1 and that also contains (2,7). We'll try to derive a contradiction to show that this is impossible). This is basically your idea to compare the slope of a random line through (2,7) to the general parabola slope.

    Since our line is tangent to the graph of y at x1, then it has slope 2x1 + 1.
    Since our line is tangent to the graph of y at x1, then it contains the point (x1, x1^2 + x1).
    So we have a line that contains (x1,x1^2 + x1) and (2,7).
    Calculating the slope of such a line using rise/over run, we get a new slope.
    By assumption this new slope must equal the old slope, 2x1 + 1.
    From there it is easy to set up a quadratic equation and show that it has no real solutions.
    This shows that such a line cannot exist!

    Your original idea to plug 2 into y does not work because we are only looking for a line that is tangent to y and contains (2,7). The only way your idea would work is if they were asking you to show that (2,7) is not a point on the parabola y.

    I hope that is helpful!
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    You are almost there. But the m1=m2 equation you want to try to solve is [itex]((x^2 +x)-7)/(x-2)=2x+1[/itex]. Don't substitute x=2 into m1. You don't know the tangent line hits the parabola at x=2. Draw a picture.
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