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Homework Help: Simple function/variable problem

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    The base of an isosceles triange has length b and the two sides of equal length each measure 30 cm. Find the area A of the triangle as a function of b.

    a squared + b squared = c squared
    Area= .5bh

    .5b squared + h squared = 30 squared
    h= (-.5b squared + 900) ^ 1/2

    Area= .5 x b x [(-.5b squared + 900)^ 1/2]

    Is this correct?
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    Gib Z

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    Well it is sort of ambiguous what you mean by the -.5b squared, but if you meant

    [tex] A = \frac{b}{2} \cdot \sqrt{ 900 - \frac{b^2}{4} }[/tex]

    as you probably did, then yes, its correct ! =]
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