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Simple intuitive/graphical interpretation of the Gauss-Seidel method

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    I am currently studying the application of Gauss Seidel iterative method for solving systems of linear equations and am having trouble understanding the principle behind it. Can some1 provide any graphical or intuitive interpretation??
    thank you
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    In other words, in the same way you can illustrates newton's method of using the first order linearization of a function at a point to draw a tangent that intersects the x axis at a point close to the solution (and you can get infinitely closer by infinitely doing more iterations), how can you illustrate gauss seidel method?>
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    I wondered about this too for a while but didnt come up with anything and gave up.
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    did you try asking here? i treid graphing 2 equations with 2 variables but things get messy and i cant get wats happening... i cant believe no1 here knows the catch to it... :s
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    Someone please answer my question: could you offer an intuitive explanation for the methodology of gaus seidel iterative approach for solving systems of equations? thank u
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    why is NO ONE replying????????????????????????///
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    Probably because no one here knows the answer, or perhaps because there is no good answer. Numerical analysis is not a strongpoint of these forums, from my experience.
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