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Homework Help: Simple limit of sequences question.

  1. Sep 20, 2013 #1
    Let {An} = 2^n / n!

    is it convergent or divergent and why?
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    Not right forum.
    No effort shown.
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    Any suggestions yourself?
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    (try using the X2 and X2 buttons just above the Rreply box :wink:)

    tell us what you think, and why, and then we'll comment! :smile:

    (and please use the homework forum in future)
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    Sorry I am new to this forum.

    I thought of dividing both terms with the term that approached infinity more rapidly which was n!. which gave me 0, but then I saw that if 2n was actually 10n for example it would approach infinity more rapidly which would give me ∞ but I'm not entirely sure. So I got confused.
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    try dividing one term by the next term instead :smile:

    (ie An/An+1)
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    2*2*2*2*2... / n(n-1)(n-2)(n-3)...

    So the limit goes to 0 it's clear now thanks.
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