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Physics Simulational physics : prospects

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    i would like to know where does someone who specializes in simulational physics might end up..?
    By simulational physics i mean the computer simulation methods.. like molecular dynamics, etc..
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    is there no one who deals with work in simulational physics.. or, knows nything about it...? it would be very helpful if anyone could provide with some info...
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    I am not actually sure how simulation physics is defined. I have never met anyone who received a degree in "simulation physics" nor have I ever seen the concentration or subfield called "simulation physics."

    Most fields of physics deal with simulations, i.e. Monte Carlo simulations of detector response in nuclear and particle physics experiments, inspiral simulations in gravitational physics, etc. I *think* you are talking about is traditionally called computational physics.

    Computational physics, in general, is a very broad field with applications to almost any subfield one might wish to pursue. I have a good friend who will be finishing his PhD in computational physics this spring and he has worked on projects as different as risk analysis for NASA to predicting meson masses.
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    thnx.. that was helpful.. i get the general picture that i can work in different fields, if i specialize in computational physics..
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