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Sine Wave between two Functions

  1. Feb 28, 2013 #1
    Just Thought this would be cool to share with yall

    So say you have two functions, B(x) and A(x)

    The equation [itex]\frac{b(x)+a(x) + (b(x)-a(x))sin(nx)}{2}[/itex] Will give you a sin wave in between these two functions (I was playing around with this and finally figured out the equation a while ago). N can be any number, its just used to increase freqency (obviously) so you can see the sin wave in between better.

    Try it... HERE IT IS with B(x) = x^2 and A(x) = 4x
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    This is reminiscent of amplitude modulation (as in AM radio). If you look at the waveforms that are being transmitted, they look like this, although I think they use the special case ##a(x) = -b(x)##.
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