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Homework Help: Single bead on a vertical circle.

  1. Mar 21, 2014 #1
    Imagine that a single bead has a hole in it. It is passed inside a " vertical " circle with no friction. Imagine that the "vertical"circle moves by spinning around its vertical axis and that the bead is, AT THE BEGINNING, on the bottom of the vertical circle.

    We had another problem related to this. However, I am wondering what would happen to the bead if the angular velocity of the vertical circle was very very high.

    My teacher says that the bead could higher following the shape of the vertical circle.

    However, I think that, as long as there is no perturbation, the ball will stay at the bottom. Is this correct?

    I am just starting to get a grasp of Newtonian laws.
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    Yes, I don't think the bead would move, but that would be a very ideal case. Realistically, it would be shifted one way or another, and then its height determined by the angular velocity of the ring.

    Think of a ball at the top of a pyramid. It's in "dynamic equilibrium," where it will technically stay in the same place, but realistically roll down one of the sides.
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