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Small Pressurized Container up to 100,000ft

  1. Hello, looking for any info out there on building a small pressurized container for weather balloon experiment. Only needs to withstand heights up to 100,000 ft. Anyone have any experience or advice?

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  3. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    That's awfully broad. Pretty sure I could find a container that can hold 1 atmo of pressure with both hands closed and one eye tied behind my back.

    By some accounts, a 2L pop bottle will hold several atmos.
  4. Thanks Dave, we're learning...

    So 1 atmosphere not too big a deal?

    Tell me what you would use if you we`re going to send some cameras up there to play and record audio.
  5. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    Why would you need to pressurize it?

    Why would you need to play audio at 100,000ft?
  6. Science experiment, to hear what it sounds like. Sounds like not enough vacuum at 100k ft to make it not audible?

    At what height would absence of sound waves make it inaudible?
  7. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    Ah. I wondered if that's where you were going with it.

    Then you definitely don't want it in a pressurized container, do you! That would utterly defeat your experiment.
  8. Doh, of course. Thanks. So you think audio will be...audible?
  9. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    Hard to say, but my money would be on yes.

    A quick Google will show you the pressure at 100,000ft as a fraction of pressure at sea level.

    It's low, but seems to me it would be enough, though your sound will be very thin.
  10. OK, lets give it a try. I'll post results here.

    Thanks for your help.
  11. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    Don't forget your baseline test here at sea level, so you have something to compare it to...
  12. This guy that jumped from the balloon at 100000ft said that he couldn't hear anything...and he was going something close to 700mph.
  13. DaveC426913

    DaveC426913 16,174
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    Interesting, but not exactly a controlled test.
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