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Small silicon nitride ball bearing

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    Hello, I need a small cageless, angular contact silicon nitride ball bearing (preferably deep groove) that is roughly 5 mm to 7 mm in inside diameter. This is to be used in a small model jet engine.

    I have been looking for hours but can't find anything. Does anyone know where I can get a bearing like this? I really need some help here, or a lead on where to find something like this.

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    Final bump. Anyone?
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    Hi guss. I suspect there's nothing readily available to the hobbiest. Have you tried contacting your local SFK distributor? I seem to remember talking to one of their applications engineers a few years ago and he mentioned that SKF is now making them. Or just look for ceramic bearing manufacturers in Google, ThomasNet.com or similar web page. I suspect you'll need to talk to distributors or manufacturers directly to get an answer. The bearings won't be cheap, but you'll get a lot of help selecting a bearing and support for design if you go that route.
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    Thanks! I had contacted a few other bearing providers, but I hadn't heard of SKF. I just looked around their store (didn't seem to find anything, but I had trouble searching anyway) for a bit and sent them an email.

    I know bearings that meet my specification exist because I know of someone who purchased some recently. It's just a scavenger hunt trying to find them.
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