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B So I want to bend space lots of times

  1. Nov 30, 2015 #1
    So today i decided to start bending my paper few time. Bending my dots i draw on paper. Also i want to bend it infinite times. Can I bend space infinite times all until the space becomes one dot.

    Illustration :)

    This is my paper and i draw 2 dots on them.

    After I bent i draw one more.

    And i bent them again.

    Assume i can bend them infinite times it will change into infinite long stick?
    Can we do that with a space also?
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    A couple of ways to address this.

    In the case of the paper, it has a finite thickness, so folding it more than a certain number of times will be problematic.
    In the case of 2D space, it has zero thickness, so yes you can (hypothetically) layer it infinite times, but it will never gain any thickness.
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    Can you also tell me why we cant explain Universe as a wrapped-out paper metaphore?
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    What does the metaphor explain?
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    From single point we have wide Universe space (started unwrapping).
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    Well, that's not really an explanation.
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    3301, I recommend taking some time to get familiar with our best current model of the universe in cosmology. It will help you to focus future questions. Ned Wright's cosmology FAQ and tutorial are a good start:


    In the meantime, this thread is closed.
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