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B So... The multiverse is unscientificly sound?

  1. Dec 7, 2015 #1
    According to science everything has a beginning and an end, even infenent genius. But the multiverse has no beginning and no end, it just keeps going. So in that line of thought, is science really fact, or just people trying to explained things like ancient cultures and their deities?
    btw, I'm in middle school.
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    Hi, I'm in middle school too. Before you get a fairly rude response, I'll have a go at it. 1+1=2. Fact? Yes, but humans made up math to explain why if I have one stone and add another stone to it, I get two stones. Science is just like that, because it tries to explain things (not so mythical as your examples) and is fact. Now, to the multiverse part. As a side note, be careful throwing around the term multiverse, especially around here. The multiverse theory is an interesting one, because it catches people's attention while having no exparimental evidence. Some people on PF get mad when you confuse popular science with real hard science involving lots of math. I made that mistake one too many times. If you go into the issues about spacetime (I will refer to your multiverse as spacetime) people say that spacetime did have a begining, and it did not. Saying spacetime had a begining implies time outside of spacetime, so there has never been a time without spacetime, but at the same time, saying spacetime is infinite is not exactly correct (so in other words, according to the Big Bang which is widely accepted, there was a "begining" to spacetime, but there was never a time without spacetime). It's hard to wrap your head around, but eventually you'll get it. I hope that helps!
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    So what your saying is there was a time before what we consider the beginning of time. That makes sense, but according to the multiverse theory, everything just kinda keeps on going, so there would be no beginning or end, which is not scientific. It's the same thing size, you can get infenently bigger and infenently smaller, and time (the general term) there had to be something before the "beginning" or there would be nothing at all.
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    One thing to bear in mind is that a Multiverse is not something which is known to exist.
    It's a concept that is implied by string theories, and some interpretations of Quantum Mechanics.
    We have no evidence at all that it's a real thing, so it definitely can't be called a fact.
    At best it's an idea that might be true if certain given assumptions are true, --- and we don't know if they are.
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    It still doesn't make sense.
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    Many would agree with you ...
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    Science never said anything like that, some type of philosophy did. Science doesn't care about whats nice, makes sense, or tickles fancies- only results; further, science isn't fact. It's a constantly expanding body of knowledge and approximations on how nature seems to behave given a set of constraints.

    Anyone who says science does anymore than that is either deluded, a crackpot, or both.
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    Nope, I am saying the exact opposite. There was nothing before spacetime. Spacetime has not been here infinitely, but it did not have a beginning. It is very hard to understand. Let me think of a few good analogies and I'll get back to you.
    Also, perhaps the most important thing I said in my previous comment was the validity of the multiverse theory, or lack thereof. It has no exparimental evidence for it. You can't say it is not true for sure, but let's not call it fact.
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    By no beginning I mean there was no time before it.
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    Does science say that? Who is saying that where?
    I suspect that the answer is that no one is really saying that, you're kind of assuming it. If that's what going on, this thread is a going to be futile because it's based in a false premise (although there are plenty of other threads, so I'd encourage you to stick around and read some of them). Thus, this is thread is closed.

    If I am mistaken and you do indeed have a source, someone who is saying that "according to science everything has a beginning and an end", then PM one of the mentors and we can reopen the thread for discussion of that claim.
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