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Soap and water not suitable for washing paint thinner off?

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    I found paint thinner (aka. mineral spirits in US, white spirit in UK) very useful in cleaning tough stains on tiles, etc. However I notice that even after washing my hand several times and rubbing for a long time with soap the smell of the paint thinner does not go away from my hands.
    I'm a bit worried about the effect on my skin.
    Anyone know what happens when you try to wash paint thinner off your hands with soap and water? It seems to be not effective in getting it off. Thanx
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    It washes off eventually with ordinary soap and water .

    Much better and quicker though to use a liquid soap without water , work hands together in an approximation to the surgeons scrubbing up sequence , rinse off and then wash again normally .

    Best to apply some baby oil or hand cream after getting clean .
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