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In summary, there are software programs available for digitizing curves from images and obtaining equations for them. These programs may come at a cost, but there are also free options such as using Excel with a printed graph paper or using a free digitizing program like Engauge. These programs allow for the calibration and insertion of points from the image, making it easier to obtain a curve fit.
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hi all bros

i am student in pteroleum engineering faculty and i want to know wether there is a software that can give equation for given curve.For example if i import a .jpg file of curve and mark the points in the curve picture and it returns me equation of curve.Is there any such software packages? (sorry for bad english)
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There are programmes that will do what you say, but they will cost you and I am afraid I don't know what they are.

Free option is use excel (assuming you have office). Use a printing on graph paper to come up with coordinates manually and then use a best fit line. It's more manual work but it's a cheap option.
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there are free 'digitizing' programs that allow you to import a jpeg, and then 'calibrate' it by clicking on three points (you click on a point and input the known coordinates of the point). Once you calibrate to three points, the software will provide coordinates of other points as you click on them. This saves the labor of reading graph paper... Then you can cut & paste the digitized points into excel or whatever and do your curve-fitting.
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As gmax mentioned, there is digitizing software available. I have used a piece of freeware called Engauge (you can find it on It's pretty easy, you import the image of the graph, and then set your axis by three points. From there you can either insert points by hand or let it try to auto fill in the curves.

Either way, you get a csv file that you can bring into Excel and create a trendline.

1. What is software for curve equation solving?

Software for curve equation solving is a computer program designed to solve mathematical equations that represent curves. These equations can be used to model various real-world phenomena, such as population growth, chemical reactions, and physical processes.

2. How does software for curve equation solving work?

Software for curve equation solving works by using numerical methods to find the roots of the equation, which represent the points where the curve intersects with the x-axis. It uses algorithms to approximate the solutions and refine them until a desired level of accuracy is achieved.

3. What types of equations can be solved with this software?

This software can solve a wide range of equations, including polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations. It can also handle systems of equations, where multiple equations need to be solved simultaneously.

4. What are the benefits of using software for curve equation solving?

One of the main benefits of using this software is its ability to quickly and accurately solve complex equations that would be difficult to solve by hand. It also allows for easy visualization of the curve and its properties, and can be used for data analysis and prediction.

5. Are there any limitations or considerations when using software for curve equation solving?

While software for curve equation solving can be a powerful tool, it is important to note that the accuracy of the solutions depends on the quality of the input data and the chosen numerical methods. It is also important to understand the assumptions and limitations of the software, as some equations may not have real solutions or may have multiple solutions.

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