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Solution with high specific heat.

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    Hi, I want to know how I could produce a solution with a high specific heat, meaning it could store a huge amount of energy for each celsius degree raised.

    Im planing on using water as the solvent but Im having a hard time finding the right ions or molecules to make this solution able to store more energy. My objective is to find a safe enough readily avaiable products to make this project.

    I´m aware that lithium has a very high specific heat, yet Im also aware its not very safe, specially with water. Im not sure about salts containing it though. If anyone has any idea or know of a safe liquid with a high specific heat, please let me know.

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    I can be wrong, but as water already has anomalously high specific heat, I doubt you will be able to increase it by dissolving something. Part of the energy is stored in hydrogen bonds, any dissolve substance disturbs water structure, making creaction of hydrogen bonds more difficult, thus decreasing specific heat.
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