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Solutions Manual for Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang?

  1. Nov 23, 2012 #1
    I've been googling all over for a solutions manual to the book Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang, but I've only been able to find one for his book on geometry. It's not a terrible problem, but I'm using the book for self-study. At first it seemed that any exercise with multiple parts had at least one part answered in the back, so I could check to make sure my general approach was correct. Now I'm at about the middle of the book, and multiple exercises per section have no answer in the back for any of the parts.

    Has anyone been able to find one? Should I just feel free to post my attempts at solutions here or perhaps on OpenStudy? I'm working on this book every day and I really don't want to ask constantly for someone more knowledgeable check all of my work for me. I could just trust in my own solutions, but I don't think that's the best idea right now.
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    If Lang and his publisher wanted to sell you the solutions manual, they'd make it available for sale. Wanting a book that someone else doesn't want to sell you doesn't make it legal for you to copy it.
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    What? I was asking if the solutions manual even exists, and if any stores had it for sale. I'm really not sure how I can copy a solutions manual that I don't have, or what I would do with a copy. :uhh:

    Maybe my question isn't worded well? :biggrin:
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    If it were available for sale, you'd probably be able to find it on the publisher's web site, on amazon.com, and probably other online booksellers. A simple Google search on the author and title of the book itself would probably turn it up.

    If you want help on specific exercises, or to check your solutions, please feel free to post in the Precalculus Mathematics subforum of Homework and Coursework Questions, which I see you've already found.
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