What is Basic mathematics: Definition and 19 Discussions

Elementary mathematics consists of mathematics topics frequently taught at the primary or secondary school levels.
In the Canadian curriculum, there are six basic strands in Elementary Mathematics: Number, Algebra, Data, Spatial Sense, Financial Literacy, and Social emotional learning skills and math processes. These six strands are the focus of Mathematics education from grade 1 through grade 8.In secondary school, the main topics in elementary mathematics from grade nine until grade ten are: Number Sense and algebra, Linear Relations, Measurement and Geometry. Once students enter grade eleven and twelve students begin university and college preparation classes, which include: Functions, Calculus & Vectors, Advanced Functions, and Data Management.

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  1. adamaero

    B What's the equation for an I Bond? (compounded semi-annually)

    I Bonds are compounded semi-annually. What's the equation for an I Bond? https://www.wallstreetmojo.com/series-i-bond/ Overall Rate = [Fixed interest rate + (2 x bi-annual inflation rate) + (Fixed interest rate x bi-annual inflation rate)] Say the first 6 months is 9%, the next six months is 6%...
  2. P

    Foundations Should I start with Lang's Basic Mathematics or Gelfand's books?

    I want to review early mathematics to cover the gaps in my knowledge, yet I'm struggling with where to start, or more precisely, how? Should I just go into Lang's book and start developing a sense for proofs and mathematical rigour while also understanding the topics that I missed in school? Or...
  3. U

    Other Serge Lang's Basic Mathematics vs David Cohen's Precalculus

    Hello, as the title states, which book is better for learning Precalculus? I heard David Cohen's is much more application/computational based and is better for learning Precalculus rather than Lang's. However, Lang is also good as well because he doesn't focus on plug and chug, but rather...
  4. Pushoam

    I Expanding a given vector into another orthonormal basis

    Equation 9.2.25 defines the inner product of two vectors in terms of their components in the same basis. In equation 9.2.32, the basis of ## |V \rangle## is not given. ## |1 \rangle ## and ## |2 \rangle ## themselves form basis vectors. Then how can one calculate ## \langle 1| V \rangle ## ? Do...
  5. Rin

    Algebra Books Best for Mathematics & Algebra Self-Study with Proofs?

    Hello, I've been trying to improve my algebra since I've never been particularly good with math. I'm going through Serge Lang's Basic Mathematics textbook and while I have been learning a lot his proof-based exercises are a pain to get through and the back of the book only provides answers for...
  6. C

    Help with basic binomial coefficient

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical math forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hello. I'm currently working my way through Lang's Basic Mathematics and cannot make sense of this question: Show that if n is a positive integer at most equal to m, then {m \choose n}+{m\choose...
  7. N

    Purpose of using 10^7 or any # raised

    This might be a silly question and an obvious one, it's something I just wanted confirmation/clarification on. I've been recently reading a lot of mathematical papers/journals from around the world and have noticed something in particular. A lot of formulas or things they are postulating use...
  8. T

    Mathematics needed to be an astrophysics

    Hi. I completed my undergrad major in physics and want to go to grad school for astrophysics. I want to have a year revision of the mathematics needed for astrophysics. What type of math is needed to excel to be a successful astrophysicist. I have some lacking in integration . What others are...
  9. N

    What exactly is the purpose of square-rooting

    I am sure there must be some ultimate purpose to it. But I just don't understand what the point is of square-rooting. All the math I do is abstract and doesn't apply to real-world situations and the physical world. Is there something to square-rooting numbers that is relatable to the real-world...
  10. Greg Bernhardt

    Intro Math Is Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang the Right Math Book for You?

    Author: Serge Lang Title: Basic Mathematics Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0387967877/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Prerequisities: Mathematics before high school Level: Motivated high-school students, college students Contents: Real numbers, solving equations, logic, geometry, trigonometry...
  11. C

    Lang's Basic Mathematics for General GRE Prep

    Lang's "Basic Mathematics" for General GRE Prep From what I've gathered, the math on the General GRE is made up of material primarily covered in high school mathematics. With that said, would working through Serge Lang's "Basic Mathematics" text be beneficial to prepping for the math portion...
  12. bistan

    Solutions Manual for Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang?

    I've been googling all over for a solutions manual to the book Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang, but I've only been able to find one for his book on geometry. It's not a terrible problem, but I'm using the book for self-study. At first it seemed that any exercise with multiple parts had at least...
  13. L

    A book to work along side 'Basic Mathematics' by Serge Lang

    Hey guys, the title basically says it all! I'm looking for a book to work along side Serge Lang's basic Math's book. Something which goes into topics more in depth. I'm out of scratch with my Math's :( Hope someone can point me to a good text! Luke
  14. P

    What is a budget-friendly reference for precalculus material?

    could anyone recommend me a book which summarises a lot of the precalculus material which I can use as a reference. I don't have much to spend.
  15. O

    Book similar to Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang

    Book similar to "Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang" I'm looking for a good book for my son, who wants to be a mathematician like me. He is totally into mathematics! Basically what I need is a "Apostol or Spivak for High School Math". What I mean is: I need a "rigorous mathematician's book"...
  16. A

    Studying Somewhat Basic Mathematics and Physics books

    hello, I'm 13 years old but i skipped a few years so i am a bit ahead of the normal schedule however I'm not yet at calculus and that kind of stuff, however Christmas is approaching! this means of course good physics and mathematics books the only problem is finding the right ones. I'm currently...
  17. Y

    Explaining basic mathematics to a math illiterate

    The other day, someone came to me with the deep desire to learn the basics of algebra and he believed it would be best, not to get his information for say...a book, but rather a student. So, I thought it would be evil not to help him. I started off with basic arithmetic put into algebraic...
  18. Astronuc

    Basic Mathematics - Arithmetic, Algebra, Vector Calculus

    This seems useful. Arithmetic http://www.bymath.com/studyguide/ari/ari_topics.html Algebra http://www.bymath.com/studyguide/alg/alg_topics.html#Principles Principles of vector calculus http://www.bymath.com/studyguide/alg/sec/alg25.html Lots of good stuff there.