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Solved problems

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    need sites for solved problem pls...

    anyone know a website that has solved problems for complex numbers (multivariable calculus)??? my finals is on Monday and there aren't enough sample problems in our book, some are very basic.. i really need help..
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    pls pls pls......
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    do as much hw as you can!!! try the even problems too. btw, what book and do you have the soln manual to it?
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    calculus by edwards and penney..its more on integral and differential calculus. it only has introduction to complex numbers.. more on vectors and stuff like that... i cant find any sample problems like finding the principal values..
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    Gib Z

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    thanks for the site.. its a great help
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    math.berkeley.edu has a course archive - many of the course websites have assigned problem sets with solutions and or sample or real exams with solutions. I just completed a course in the theory of complex functions and I found the course archive to be a great help. They also archive old exams but these do not have solutions but are great anyways.

    Siddharth M
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    great site..thank you..
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    example problem is an awesome site
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