Solving components of vectors

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Homework Statement

Let resultant vector A = 17 i hat - 42 j hat and resultant vector B = 31 j hat + 18 k hat. Find the resultant vector C such that the sum of resultant vector A, B and C equals resultant vector zero. Find the i,j and k components of resultant vector C.

Homework Equations

understand the basic of vectors i hat is in the x axis and j hat is the y axis. negative vector points down and left. positive vectors point right and up. use the tail to head rule to connect vectors.

The Attempt at a Solution


I'm not sure how to go about solving this problem. Do I add the vectors with the same hats?

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Yes. If a resultant vector is 0, then it can't have any components. So when you add up the individual vectors with the same hats , they must sum to___??____. Watch plus and minus signs.