Solving for the DTFT of (0.8)^n u[n]

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Homework Statement

Compute the DTFT of the following signal.

[tex]x[n] = (0.8)^n u[n][/tex]

Homework Equations

Properties of DTFT

The Attempt at a Solution

Well, my professor tells me to use the properties of DTFT to solve this. I'd love to - except I don't know what the DTFT of [tex](0.8)^n[/tex] is. I've tried looking it up on the DTFT table, but couldn't find any, can someone tell me what it is?

Answers and Replies

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It's in the DTFT pairs here: [Broken] on page 20.

but maybe the prof wants you to derive it from the properties you already have in your text?
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