Solving Steve and Mark's Backyard Cricket Problem

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Hey this is my second post on this subject sorry to bother but i still just can't get my head around it...i have used so many different equations and the answers just don't seem to be correct.

The question is

Steve and Mark are playing a game of backyard cricket. They set their field up so that the batsman stands 10.5metres from the point where the bowler releases the ball. Steve bowls the first ball of the match and the ball leaves his hand with a velocity of 60 km/h at an angle of 5 degrees below the horizontal. The ball is relased from a height of 2.1metres above the ground.

a) Where does the ball bounce
b) What is the speed of the ball just before it bounces?

I got 4.8 metres distance which just doesn't seem likely to me and 19.3 m/s

The next part of the question just changes the angle to 3 degrees above horizontal and asks the same questions, this bit is really throwing me off because all of my textbooks only have equations 'from origin' and the ball leaves 2.1 meters above the ground and goes up then down to 0 meters.

If someone could please explain this to me very simply it would be very greatly appreciated...this is my first year of physics :)

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