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Some Study method enquiry? physics

  1. Oct 27, 2006 #1
    Well its like this,what is physics reallyi about? i am getting ready for exams a-levels, i`m done reading all the notes but some how i cant really remember the terms such as Magnetic Flux density: force acting per unit current in a wire of per unit length perpendicular to the magnetic field. In physics we have so many terms, and examiners are strict missing 1 "per" already loss that 1 mark based on the marking scheme. So usually, how do you memorize your term? i Understand that understanding is important but its hard 2 memorize those terms when u have so many again? Any ideas guys and gals?:uhh:
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    you read the text..you understand how to derive the formula(somethimes you cant always do this )
    and most importantly you learn for to use the formulas in different qustions and different types of questions.
    using the formula , the flux one lets say about 20 times ( a very small amount sholud get you used to it) you might forget it in 3 months or so , but a flash glance and it might all come back ,

    so basic idea ....u shouldnt be sitting there trying to memorize it(of course ur probably not doing that ) but u should be doing lots of questions , and in doing so the formulas will stick in your head.

    tell me if u find this advice usefull or not..
  4. Nov 1, 2006 #3
    ya i think so i should follow the idea of doing more exercises, thx for the advise appreciate it :D
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