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Someone created hover board , true or false?

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    HUVR tech
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    Doc Al

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    Realize that their hover board video was a hoax. :smile:
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    I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I'm interested in selling to you. Interested?
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    D H

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    You should be able to tell something like that is fake just by looking at the way people on it are moving. It's really hard to get the physics exact, so it ends up looking somewhat funky. Even if such a thing doesn't really exist, you should have some idea of how the motion would look if someone were on a floating skateboard.
    But I'm always surprised at how fake something will look, and there will still be people who believe it. Apparently it's all in the set up. It doesn't matter how fake something looks, if the delivery of it is realistic, there will be people who believe it.
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    Worth mentioning:

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    D H

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    @delete: You can embed those youtube links directly into your posts. Click on the TV icon (this: https://www.physicsforums.com/Nexus/editor/television.png [Broken]) to create a [ YOUTUBE ][ /YOUTUBE] pair of tags (or just type that manually, but without the spaces). Then type or paste the youtube ID between the close square bracket and open square bracket.

    The video to which you linked has an ID of gMaDhkNJA2g.

    I edited your post to have that youtube link embedded.
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    For the record, I have no idea why my post has the same video posted twice.
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