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I have a question on where to find a acer mother board specs

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    This is what i want to do that i need the manual. I want a sweet looking computer even though i'm not a true gamer. I found the case working at Mission central tearing down computer it was very nice looking on the outside so i kept it. It had a mother board in it and i will try to upload the manual for that one. Heres the computer i have http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=AM3100-U3201A-R&cm_mmc=geekmail-_-newarrivals_html-_-07jun08-_-AM3100-U3201A-R&AID=10445123&CJPID=4176654 [Broken]. I have the motherboard specs for the motherboard that was in the case that i want to use to house my motherboard in.
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    Re: I have aquestion on where to find a acer mother board specs

    If i understand correctly given the limited information, you want to put your home computer into another case that you found that currently has another motherboard in it?

    You should be able to unscrew your motherboard from your home computer and transfer it all into the new case, i would suggest getting a manual if you have never done this before, after having a quick look on the internet i have found the manual for your home computer,

    http://support.acer.com/product/default.aspx?modelId=346 [Broken]

    It will give you majority of what you need to know, although it does not have clear instructions as to how your case connects to your motherboard.

    the motherboard should have a fairly large series numbers and/or letters on it, google that to find the user manual, when you have that manual you will be able to completely move your pc into the other.

    You may also wish to wing it, if you want to do that, note down all the names of the small plugs that go from your case to the computer, make sure you have reset/power buttons they are really all that is needed, unless you wish to see pretty flashing lights every time you use a hard drive. also the USB and sound cables that hook upto the front of your PC.

    I hope i have helped.

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    Re: I have aquestion on where to find a acer mother board specs

    Thanks r4z0r84 i got it almost all transfered over it had a reset button and a usb port in the old computer which i have no idea where they go in my computer lol :) and everything else worked ok i had to rewire a few things like power button and lights though.
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    Re: I have aquestion on where to find a acer mother board specs

    Congratulations! All i can say now is if you dont have a reset button you will just have to hold down your power button for about 5 seconds if your PC freezes,

    Glad i could help!
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    Re: I have aquestion on where to find a acer mother board specs

    how bout the usb hub thats not wired up on the front should i wire in my usb hub from the other case my acer case?
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    Completely upto you, it would work perfectly in your new case!
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    The case does have a usb hub built into the case like my acer does but have no idea about hooking it up :)
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    The above image may help you. it shows the layout for a USB plug.

    also check this video as it shows how to plug in all your front ports from your case to your motherboard (it most likely is a different motherboard and case but they all share the same layout as above)
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