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Something That is Essential

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    I think that it is essential for us to take a look at all the equipment that makes it easy for us to solve all the problems that we solve, in the laboratory setting. It helps us look at different products, help get reviews from our fellow scientists and to expand our laboratory's versatility.

    I will start out by talking about 2 common companies that develop and sell chromatography columns. Feel free to add in about any chromatography product and its competitors and how they are better / worse than the other.

    GE - XK Columns

    Probably the most widely used columns in Chromatography right now.​
    They are relatively cheap and are easy to use/ maintain​
    They have a large company backing so the product is generally good quality​
    Come packed or empty for convenience​
    The product lacks versatility​
    End Fittings are hard to remove​
    Frits are not true frits, they are a sock design​

    Essential Life Solutions - Econoline Columns
    True Frit Design with dispersion mechanism​
    End Fittings are "screw on/off" so it makes it easy to remove​
    Double piston design and Aqueous or Solvent Resisten​
    Do not come in with a packed column option​
    Smaller company, but has good customer service​
    Screwing mechanism can be tought after a long run​

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