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Homework Help: Something to be clarified about EM Wave: TE, TM and TEM

  1. Aug 22, 2012 #1
    I have been reading different articles about EM wave modes,
    it is said that in TE waves the E_z is zero, similarly for TM H_z is zero, and TEM both E_z and H_z are zero.

    How about the E_x and E_y in TE wave?
    Someone said E_y is also zero and only E_x exists in TE......is this true? Is it possible that I overlooked some assumptions made?
    Or actually the fact is, for TE, both E_x and E_y are NON-zero; only E_z is zero?

    I know this is a simple question but I do hope to confirm it earlier and proceed with my study, thanks for your kind attention.:smile:
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  3. Aug 22, 2012 #2
    Please go through a text book of UG level optics or electrodynamics & then in your problem specify what x,y,z directions mean.
    You may refer Griffiths (electrodynamics), Hecht/ Ajay Ghatak (optics).
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