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TEM TE and TM Modes for Waveguides ?

  1. Feb 9, 2015 #1
    hello ;
    I need some help.I reading about TEM TE and TM Modes for Waveguides. actually I need some equations for Planar wave guide and optical fiber wave guide. I did google search. I don't understand how to write equation step by step for planar wave guide
    I found this link http://examcrazy.com/Engineering/Electronics-Communication/TEM_TE_and_TM_Modes_for_Waveguides.asp
    but that's for rectangular wave guide and I am looking for planar waveguide
    please someone tell me link for planar wave guide ?
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    When you say planar waveguide, are you saying 2 (infinite) PEC sheets a certain distance apart? If that is the case, your development in the link you sent should work in theory, just take away the component relating to the side walls.
    Say you want TM to z, so all wave components are in the x, and y directions and your waveguide is at y=0 and y=a.
    Your wave is unconstrained in the x direction, so you will get modes in y that will still use ##\frac {m \pi}{a}##.
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