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The Tém (also known as the Temba or Kotokoliare) an ethnic group of Togo, but also found in Benin and Ghana. There is reported to be about 417,000 of the Tém, with 339,000 in Togo, 60,000 in Ghana and 18,000 in Benin. They speak the Tem language.

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  1. I

    Wave propagation - Oblique Incidence

    Summary:: A plane wave incident upon a planar surface - determining polarization, angle of incidence etc. 𝐄̃i = 𝐲̂20𝑒−𝑗(3𝑥+4𝑧) [V. m−1 ] is incident upon the planar surface of a dielectric material, with εr = 4, occupying the halfspace z ≥ 0. a) What is the polarisation of the incident wave...
  2. T

    A I made a website to index TEM diffraction patterns

    Hi, I spent some time during my PhD with the task of indexing TEM diffraction patterns, usually made with selected area diffraction. All available software I found online was either too complicated or too expensive (or both). So I decided to make my own: https://www.odpin.com It's 100%...
  3. C

    I Why is the resolution of TEMs and SEMs not smaller?

    I was wondering if someone could offer an explanation as to why TEMs and SEMs have practical resolutions several orders of magnitude less than what is predicted by the Rayleigh Criterion. This of course comes from my own calculations of the Rayleigh Criterion assuming an electron is accelerated...
  4. O

    Electric field in coaxial cable

    Every physics books show that wave prograpation in coxial cable is TEM wave, like in the picture. But we know that J=σ E from ohms law, which says current in same direction with E field, which is not the case here. What do you think the reason is ?
  5. M

    Analyzing diffraction pattern with ImageJ

    Hey! I have a very unusual question. It is about using ImageJ to analyze diffraction patterns from TEM. 1. Homework Statement To calculate lattice parameter I need Miller Indices from planes I can recognize in the picture, wavelength of electrons and camera length. In our instructions for...
  6. Telemachus

    Transmission Electron Microscopy

    I'm looking for a quick and well synthetized reference to the TEM technique. I'm writing a monography, we used TEM on a sample (just sended it to the lab, I dind't do the work). I don't have any reference, and I wanted to give a kind of introduction in the monography to TEM. I don't want a whole...
  7. F

    TEM Images

    What information do you get from TEM images and how do yo obtain it? I am analyzing hydroxyapatite (ceramic).