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Source for the margin of error of curvature

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    I have seen in a few places around the web that the margin of error for the flatness of the universe is about 2%, but haven't seen any citations. Could anyone refer me to a reputable paper that I could cite that mentions what this margin of error is?

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    You can get better constraints by adding baryon acoustic oscillation and supernova data to the WMAP result. They estimate the following parameters for w = constant:
    http://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/product/map/current/params/owcdm_sz_lens_wmap5_bao_snall.cfm [Broken]

    The curvature parameter is:
    [tex]-0.0175 < \Omega_k < 0.0085[/tex] (95% confidence)

    ...which is a significantly tighter confidence interval than is given in the above paper.
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    Great, thanks!
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