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Space Requirements for Industrial Cabinets

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    Quick question. If the manufacturer's specs ask for clearance top and bottom when mounting in the cabinet, does that usually mean actual open space? For example, I am using Watlow Power Controllers that require 4 in. of clearance top and bottom. I have about 2 in. spacing with a 2x3 in. wireway above and below. The Watlows are probably 5-6 inches deep and the wireway is 3 in. deep. Would this affect the air flow and nullify any manufacturer warranties?
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    Simon Bridge

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    depends on the designs and the room - does the wireway affect air-flow? - is it your information that the clearance is needed for air-flow?
    That would be a legal question - you should put it to the manufacturer or their agents... or a lawyer.
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    That's what I was hoping to find out; if the wireways affect air flow. Using wireways that are slotted and also will only be about 50% full.
    The problem is the overall layout. Customer specified cabinet size so space is limited. May be a tight squeeze for all components. Electrician may not be happy.
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