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Spacecraft discovers solar winds are weakening.

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    The Ulysses spacecraft, launched in 1990 and now in a polar orbit around the sun at a distance of roughly 240 million miles, is http://www.astronomy.com/asy/default.aspx?c=a&id=7424"!(?)

    How does he know that? I'm gonna give him a call this afternoon....

    Anyone notice an increase in shot noise in their earth-based detectors? Will the increased cosmic rays induce more clouds to form and could that be responsible for the recent cooling off of the earth's atmosphere?
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    I would think he is looking back at 'historical' data to draw any conclusions.
    However, looking at the time lines gathering data from Ulysses any comments may be a bit premature.

    I have been watching sunspot and choronal hole activity during this low end of the solar cycle. It also seems quite low. However , I do not have the expertise to make a connection between the two. Although I would not be entirely surprised if there was a commonality.

    Excellent question. My personal view is, could very well be.
    Within the next several years this may take on much more credence.
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