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Spacetime Physics and other books on spec. relativity. Which is the best?

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    This is my first post on this forum, so I'm sorry if topic like this is already here.

    I'm looking for a book on special relativity, from which I will be able to learn it on myself. My knowledge of mathematics ends in Calculus, so I probably wouldn't appreciate tensors etc. I found a book Spactime Phisics, which should use only basics math, but it also should be very extensive. What do you think about this book? Or can you advise me which book(s) I should buy? Thanks...
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    It is good.
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    I would agree - also you might consider "Introduction to Special Relativity" by Resnick and "Special Relativity" by A.P. French. Wheeler and Taylor is about $50 - you can somethimes get copies of some of the others used - I paid $1.00 for Resnick's book and $9.00 for French's book - look on the internet for used stuff at Amazon and Barns and Noble. Rindler's book "Special Relativity" can also be found used - usually under $10
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    That's cheap.
    Or free - wikipedia.
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    What I can tell from flipping through it, it's not quite at the same level as an intro book.
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    Old edition has a discussion of rapidity (the Minkowskian analogue of "angle" between two future timelike vectors) and [in some editions] worked solutions to the problems.

    New edition has some nice revised discussions of some topics. Unfortunately, the discussion of rapidity was dropped.

    I would regard the old 1966 maroon edition with the solutions to be a must-have. The new edition is worth having (as a supplement to the older version) for some of the updated topics.
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