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SPDT switch with phototransistors

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    Hi all. I am looking on how to make a single pole-double throw (SPDT) switch using phototransistors that can be activated by IR LEDs (not from a remote, i.e. in pulses, but as a single arrangement of a switch, cell, and IR LED).

    Please keep it simple, I am only doing experiments. I don't require any complicated circuits, but just using the minimal of components.
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    Do you want the switch contacts to be mechanical (like with a relay), or electronic (like with analog switch ICs)? What voltages and currents will the switch contacts see? You will need two receive pickups, right? To actuate the two "positions" of the pole?
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    I'm using phototransistors, so of course, an electronic one. I'd also like someone to try and make a SPDT that uses one phototransistor, if not, then two or even more. Since I find difficulty in finding phototransistors, it should be the reason why I would like to hear about a single phototransistor-operated SPDT.

    I think, could a photo-darlington type transistor with three legs be used for this purpose?

    Please don't take it as a very demanding post.
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